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Myers-Briggs Personality Test

For each of the eight headings listed within the personality profiling questionnaire below, record for yourself a score out of ten based on how many questions you answered 'yes' to. For the purposes of the test, please answer 'yes' where an aspect of character applies 'more often than not'. For example, if you answer 'yes' (or 'more often than not') to five out of ten of the items listed within the 'extrovert' category, then your score for 'extrovert' will be five out of ten.

After you have tallied up your scores, simply click on Submit Scores, send your results to me in the form provided and then I will do the rest.

Personality Profiling Questionnaire


1. I often like to have a lot of people around me.
2. I am easily distracted.
3. I find it easy to approach other people and establish new contacts.
4. I often make impulsive decisions.
5. I prefer to be in the centre of things; I have lots of friends and love action and company.
6. I like to organise my leisure time actively and together with others.
7. I never leave others in any doubt about what I think and what my point of view is.
8. My feelings are like me - lively and spontaneous.
9. A club holiday or travelling with a group of good friends is just the right thing for me.
10. I prefer to discuss problems with others.


1. I need a lot of time alone.
2. I can concentrate on the matter in hand.
3. I am more the reserved type and approach new relationships carefully.
4. I think things over intensively before I act.
5. I am not one for large parties; I prefer a quiet evening with just a few good friends.
6. I like to spend my spare time alone and to daydream.
7. Very few know what I really think.
8. I am not easily worked up.
9. My idea of a dream holiday is more a solo trip; perhaps to a lonely island or a trekking trip in the mountains.
10. If something weighs on my mind, I would sooner try to sort it out for myself.


1. When making decisions, I let myself be guided by my five senses.
2. I do not like to leave things to chance.
3. My motto is: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
4. I prefer to work practically.
5. I normally have no problem sharing my personal space and time with others.
6. When I have my mind on a certain matter, I stick at it until everything is in line with what I have in mind.
7. I like to tackle real everyday problems.
8. When working, my strong points include patience and carefulness.
9. On the whole, I am satisfied with my life.
10. Above all, I live in the here and now.


1. When making decisions, I mostly let myself be guided by my intuition.
2. I do not like it when everything is exactly foreseeable.
3. I give problems considerable thought in order to find solutions.
4. I prefer to work theoretically.
5. I need my own personal space and a lot of time to myself.
6. I enjoy starting something new - I quickly become bored with old projects.
7. One could almost say that I have a philosophical streak.
8. I prefer to work roughly - but the result is usually still okay.
9. I am always searching for new ideas and improvement possibilities.
10. I think a lot about the future.


1. My decisions are normally based on logical considerations.
2. In my job, analytical thinking and sensible action are required.
3. I normally give my honest opinion.
4. Many consider me to be too strict because I do not let mistakes pass.
5. I am not always aware of the latest developments in my circle of friends and acquaintances.
6. I can handle it quite well when someone criticises me or perhaps does not like me.
7. Nuances are not really my thing; people should say straight out what they want.
8. I love discussions and to even fight for something.
9. Above all, I let myself be guided by my brain.
10. I do not like emotional outbreaks by myself or by others.


1. I mostly base my decisions on my instinct.
2. I like working with people and have no difficulty empathizing with them and being responsive to them.
3. I try not to hurt others with my words.
4. I tend to concentrate more on the positive sides of a person and do not find weaknesses to be so bad.
5. I am always the first person people call if they have something new to tell.
6. I am rather sensitive and am quickly hurt.
7. I quickly sense when something is being said between the lines.
8. I try to avoid disputes because harmony is very important to me.
9. I listen to my feelings.
10. Feelings are important and should always be shown.


1. I like to take things as they come.
2. I have no problem doing several things at the same time.
3. I find it difficult being on time, I am often late.
4. I work in order to live and not the other way round.
5. My motto is “genius controls the chaos“.
6. I often have trouble with making decisions because I like to keep all possibilities open.
7. Spontaneity and flexibility are more important than rules and regulations.
8. It often happens that I do not get things done until the last minute.
9. I have no idea what will be going on next weekend - but something will certainly turn up.
10. I have a terrible habit of putting things off - especially unpleasant things.


1. I prefer to plan everything in advance.
2. One thing after the other.
3. I am normally punctual and reliable - I do not like it when others are unpunctual.
4. First work then pleasure.
5. I prefer everything to be in its right place.
6. I like to make quick, clear decisions and expect the same of others.
7. I need order and structure and it gets on my nerves if people do not stick to arrangements.
8. I plan my work carefully so that there is no hectic rush at the end.
9. I already know exactly what I will be doing next weekend.
10. I mostly do things I do not like doing first so that I have them behind me.

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