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Title Recommendations

The following recommendations have been sorted and grouped by author and historical era to provide you with a neatly organised timeline of some of the best titles throughout history. Although the ordering is roughly chronological, the list has not been sorted by publication date but rather grouped together by the authors in the order they first appeared in history (i.e. year of birth).

Although many of these authors have long since departed this mortal coil, with your help, their words, insights and passions - and their capacity to move and inspire the reader - will continue to live on, thereby proving their departure to be anything but in the most important sense.

Book titles for authors born 1800B.C. - 1800A.D.

Book titles for authors born 1801 - 1850

Book titles for authors born 1851 - 1900

Book titles for authors born 1901 - 1950

Book titles for authors born 1951 - present-day

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