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I’ve just received my A level results. My grade for maths was an A. My first choice university has accepted me and everything has gone smoothly. I just wanted to thank you for your time in helping me achieve the A. You had a great deal of involvement in helping me achieve that result, so thank you very much. You have been an absolute pleasure to have as a tutor.

- Ron, Finsbury Park (A Level student)

Sean is amazing!! Amiee felt so comfortable and said she has learnt more with him in an hour than she has done all year at school.

- Hayley, Tottenham (mother to Amiee, GCSE student)

Thank you so much for your help. If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. You’re a brilliant teacher and I’ll make sure I recommend you when I get the chance.

- Pietro (AS Level student)

Quick update, Sean: Sruti says the final maths exam was “very good”, and a lot of the topics you covered came up, so it was a breeze! Thanks again.

- Ro, Clapton (father to Sruti, GCSE student)

Thank you so much for your amazing support this school year. Eliza loves her sessions with you and you have helped her so much. We look forward to seeing you in September.

- Ashley, Stoke Newington (mother to Eliza, year 5 student)

Thanks so much for being a great tutor this year. Look forward to seeing you in September.

- Maxine, Finsbury Park (mother to Albert, year 9 student)

Hi Sean, I'm delighted to say that Bertie passed his maths with a grade 5. He couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you.

- Lilla, Stoke Newington (mother to Bertie, GCSE student)

Orielton didn’t do great in his GCSE’s overall, but he passed his maths with a 5. I’m certain he only passed his maths thanks to you. Without the good job you did with him, I think he would have achieved a 2 or a 3. I feel certain he would have done better with you if I hadn't let covid get in the way to prevent him continuing lessons until the end of the year. Anyway, it’s over now. Thank you so much for helping my two kids over the years. You are a great teacher – kind, patient and caring, and you are doing fantastic work. Eriana and Orielton both enjoyed your lessons. Take care of yourself. All the best to you and your family.

- Bela, Tottenham (mother to Orielton, GCSE student)

I did really well in my GCSE’s. I got seven 9s (including maths), three 8s and three 7s. Thank you so much for your help this year!

- Elifsu, Islington N1 (GCSE student)

Agnesa got her results today and she is very happy with her 6 in maths. Thank you very much. You have been so helpful throughout these years with Agnesa.

- Shuki, Camden (mother to Agnesa, GCSE student)

Humirah got an A in her maths. We are all very thankful for the help you have given my daughters [Humirah’s sister also achieved an A grade in hers maths GCSE two years before] Humirah won’t be going on to do maths for A’Levels but she very much enjoyed her GCSE maths lessons with you. Thank you for all your assistance.

- Ali, Tottenham (father to Humirah, GCSE student)

Thank you for all the support and time you gave Ron. He has done really well in his exams. Maths 9, Science 9, English 7 and the rest is pretty much the same. Thank you so much for all the help and support you gave Ron and all the time you dedicated to helping him become a better student.

- Eric, Finsbury Park (father to Ron, GCSE student)

Meri got her GCSE results today and she has all A’s, including maths. Thank you so much for your help.

- Rolanda, Finsbury Park (mother to Meri, GCSE student)

Just wanted to message you regarding my mock grades on maths A’ Level. My overall grade was an A, which I’m extremely happy about. I got an A for Stats and Mechanics and a B (2 marks off an A) for Pure. Thank you so much for your help. Clearly, it paid off. I really appreciate it.

- Orges, Camden, A Level student

Look who’s in The Guardian. Couldn’t have got here without you. There was only one person who was able to sort my maths out and get me interested in it and that was you.


Shaniqua (adult learner and former GCSE and QTS student of mine - see further down this page for more feedback from Shaniqua)

Hi Sean. Just wanted to let you know that Albert got a place at Forest School. Thanks so much for being so patient and kind with him over the last year! We all appreciate it!

- Maxine, Finsbury Park (mother to Albert, year 6 student)

Hi Sean I got my maths grade today and just wanted to let you know that I got a 5 [grade C] in maths. Thanks for all your help.

- Ozlem, Hornsey (GCSE student)

Poppy got a 5 [grade C and top grade possible on foundation tier] in her maths, so thank you so much.

- Maria, Tottenham (mother to Poppy, GCSE student)

With your help Eriana got a 7 [grade A] in her maths. Thank you very much. Eriana is very grateful for the extra support you provided her.

- Bela, Tottenham (mother to Eriana, GCSE student)

Selin’s results went well. She got her targets for most subjects including maths – a 6 [grade B]. Thanks for everything.

- Huseyin, Finsbury Park (father to Selin, GCSE student)

Fiziana did amazingly well in her GCSE exams. She got an A in Maths [grade 8]. Thank you very much for all your help.

- Alketa, Tufnell Park (mother to Fiziana, GCSE student)

Hi Sean. Suzie and Alex are doing great. Both had great reports and Suzie’s maths was above average expectations thanks to you. We would love to carry on lessons with you next year starting from August. Suzie will need to revise for her Latymer test.

Later that year:

Suzie is very happy with how her Latymer maths test went. She said that she expected the test to be more difficult and that without your help she wouldn’t have been able to do half of it, so thank you very much for your help.

- Paulina, Edmonton (mother to Suzie, Year 6 student and 11+ entrance candidate)

Thank you so much. Arilma got an A** [grade 9]. Wishing you all the best.

- Irma, Tottenham (mother to Arilma, GCSE student)

I got my results and I passed everything apart from geography, which I got a 2 in. However, the rest I passed with 4’s and 5’s and I got a 4 in Maths. Thank you for everything, Sean.

- Adi, Muswell Hill, GCSE student

Thank you for all your energy and work with Melissa! She was confused and lacking confidence in her maths and this was evident in her school reports!! We are all appreciative for your hard work, so thanks and I’ll message you in August with results.

Follow-up message in August:

Melissa got a 6!! [grade B] She is over the moon and absolutely chuffed!!! Thank you so much!!

She couldn’t have done it without you. Maths was her weakest and she passed and that’s all that matters. She did really well in her other subjects too. Couple of A’s and an A*. 

- Rey, Stoke Newington (older sister to Melissa, GCSE student)

We are very grateful to you and your generous efforts in teaching Chichi and Amaechi. They look forward to seeing you every week. You have set the bar so high that we can’t find anyone near as good as you for English.

- Julia, Finsbury Park (aunt to Chichi and Amaechi, Year 6 students and 11+ entrance candidates)

Yaaayy. Great news!! I just did my numeracy skills test and passed!

- Shaniqua (adult learner and former GCSE student of mine - see below), QTS Numeracy

Benjamin got a 4 which he and we are delighted with as he struggled so much with maths. We are so grateful for your help and support as he doesn’t think he would have passed otherwise.

- Karen, Haringey (mother to Benjamin, GCSE student)

Jack got a 7 [grade A] today in maths. He’s got into LAE.

- Beewan, Tottenham (mother to Jack, GCSE student)

India is thrilled to report that she achieved a 5 [grade C] in her maths! We are all delighted. Thank you very much for your patience and expertise. She did well in her other subjects too – mainly A’s, and scraped a C in French. Thanks again!

She asked me to to say a huge thank you, especially because she's sure she wouldn't have passed without your help.

- Martha, Haringey (mother to India, GCSE student)

Hey Sean, So I got a 4 [grade C]. Woohoo! That’s a pass and that’s good enough for me! Thank you so much, and thank you for sticking by me when I was complaining and unenthusiastic.

- Shaniqua (adult learner), GCSE student

I passed! I got a 5 [top grade possible for foundation tier] believe it or not. The pass mark was 156 and I got 183! I nearly fell over when the man told me! Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you

- Ellie (adult learner), GCSE student

I passed!!!!!!!

I’m beyond happy! Thank you so, so much! I don’t know how it happened haha, I panicked and missed one of the mental arithmetic questions! I’m so grateful, your encouragement and the time you put into tutoring me is what did it! 

- Augusta-Mary (adult learner), QTS Numeracy

Lottie, passed all her entrance tests and has been accepted at every school we applied for!! So proud of her. Thanks for all your help.

- Brian, Dalston (father to Lottie, Year 6 student and 11+ entrance candidate)

Amir got eight A-C grades including an A in his maths, which means he has good options for sixth form. Thank you so much for all your help. You helped inspire him to achieve his best in maths and he couldn't have done it without you. We are so proud of him.

- Julia, Crouch End (mother to Amir, GCSE student)

Dominic got a B in his maths. We are very proud of him, especially considering the grade boundary changes [which have drastically lowered the maths pass rate this year]. Some of his other subjects didn’t go quite as hoped, so thanks for all your help getting him the B in his maths.

- Lamya, Archway (mother to Dominic, GCSE student)

Jordan got a B in his maths and is over the moon about it. Thank you for all your help.

- Jackie, Muswell Hill (mother to Jordan, GCSE student)

I got a C and was literally three marks off a B. I'm really happy with the result. Thank you for all your help throughout the year.

- Maria, Wood Green, GCSE student

Just wanted to share with you our joy at Ron's SATs results. They are really good, especially maths, so we just wanted to thank you for all the learning and support you gave Ron, so thank you again. Ron can't wait to resume his maths lessons again after the summer.

- Eric, Finsbury Park (father to Ron, Year 6 student)

Hi Sean. Just to let you know, Alex got an A* in his maths GCSE. You can take lots of credit for it.

- Eva, Crouch End (mother to Alexander, GCSE student)

Thank you so much for all your time and attention. You have been so dedicated and inspirational. Above all, you have helped Esmee to enjoy maths. That is the mark of a truly excellent teacher. We hope you have a good summer and get some rest.

(And following publication of 2015's GCSE results)

Hi Sean. Just to let you know Esmee achieved an A in Maths and an A in Further Maths. Thank you so much for your
amazing teaching. She would not have achieved it without you. She has also opted to do maths at A Level thanks to your inspirational teaching.

- Cathy, Tottenham (mother to Esmee, GCSE Maths and GCSE Further Maths)

We sincerely are going to miss you and appreciate all your time and efforts in helping Christian. Maths is definitely not his favourite subject. However, you managed to motivate him! You have been a wonderful, kind and committed tutor, and we shall miss you very much. Will let you know how Christian gets on. Have a great summer.

(And official testimonial following publication of 2015's GCSE results)

My son is a reluctant maths learner. However, he always looked forward to Sean’s lessons. Sean is always motivated, organised and always stayed extra after time to finish work. He really helped my son focus and achieve a good B grade. So thankful. And my son now misses his tutor time with Sean. Magic.

- Polly, Crouch End (mother to Christian, GCSE student)

Just to let you know Caleb got a B in maths, which he would never have achieved without your help. We’re thrilled with a B grade because he was so far behind this time last year. He was actually only 4 marks away from making his result an “A”. Without you, that would never have been possible so you have made his mum and nan very proud of him. 

Thank you so much Sean! You’ve been fantastic.

- Amy and Sheila, Tufnell Park (mother and grandmother to Caleb, GCSE student)

Hi Sean, Antonio got a B as you predicted might happen. We are pleased with it and I guess the amount of tests got the toll at the end not giving him space to fine-tune maths. We’ll always be grateful for your hard work and dedication.

- Maria, Highbury (mother to Antonio, GCSE student)

Hey Sean! Dominic got his C so it’s all good! Looks like he will do the higher paper next year. Thanks so much for your help and we will see you in a few weeks.

- Lamya, Archway (mother to Dominic, Year 10 GCSE Foundation who sat and passed his Maths GCSE one year early)

Esme got a C in her Maths, which she was very pleased with as she felt Maths was tough and her weakest subject, so thanks so much for supporting her through. As she says herself, she could easily have failed. So thank you.

Jacques, Dalston (father to Esme, IGCSE student)

Thank you very much for the huge help you gave Meri and Andri. We wish you a lovely summer, and we will see you in September.

- Rolanda, Finsbury Park (mother to Meri and Andri, KS2 and KS1 respectively)

Have a great summer and thanks a million for all your hard work so far.

- Iki, Crouch End (father to Amir, GCSE Maths and GCSE Statistics stduent)

I can’t thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you. So grateful, Sean, I really am.

- Hilary, Highbury (GCSE Maths and GCSE Statistics student)

Hi Sean, just wanted to tell you that I passed my test! So thank you so much for your help! Frankly, I don’t think I would have passed without your help! Thank you so much again.

Shereen (adult learner), Wembley, QTS Numeracy

I met a girl on my school induction day who is also signing up to English PGCE. She had failed twice already, which made me so nervous for her. You're locked out for two years if you fail, so I just wanted to say one more thank you! I passed first time and that was thanks to working with you!!

- Kelly (adult learner), QTS Numeracy

Hilary did very well in her maths tests and Henric is now in the top set for maths. Thank you so much for everything.

Arjana, Highbury (mother to Hilary and Henric, GCSE and Key Stage 2 students)

I passed my exam!! Thank you so much for everything!!".....

- Sarah (adult learner), Walthamstow, QTS Numeracy

"Thank you for staying longer with Alexander this evening. I think we need to increase your rate because you are such a great teacher.".....

- Eva, Crouch End (mother to Alexander, GCSE student)

"Harry got into St. Paul’s! Hooray!! Thanks for all your help."

- Farang, Dalston (mother to Harry, Key Stage 2 student and 11+ entrance candidate)

"Just letting you know Jason did a test in school and got 52/60 thanks to the support he gets from you. I am so happy about his progress. Many thanks.".....

- Obi, Stratford (mother to Jason, GCSE student)

"Thanks so soo much. I’m so grateful for all the help you gave me. I was expecting a C at best so I was so happy I got the exact grade [B] I was hoping for! You know, my teacher was expecting me to flop. His jaw dropped when he saw my grade. He knew I wanted a B and was expecting the worst. Lol, he was signing me up for retakes before my exam results even came. Told me to sit the entrance exam. He had already got re-enrolments into maths for retakes ready for me and had given me the list of subjects to prepare for the entrance exam. Hehe, it was brilliant to prove to him that we’re not all wasters. He should believe more in his students. Maybe that will teach him. It was seriously self-teaching and your tutoring help that saw me through. Thanks again for everything Sean.".....

- Sarah (adult learner), Enfield, GCSE student

"Hi Sean, thank you so much. Ciara got a C which, as you know, is the top grade possible at foundation level. She did so well. In total, she finished with 9 A*s, 2 A’s, 2 B’s and 2 C’s. I will recommend you to others for sure.".....

- Regina, Highbury (mother to Ciara, GCSE student)

"Ali passed all 10 GCSE’s with a C in maths. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support throughout his GCSE’s. I’m truly very grateful for all the emails you sent with work for Ali and all the time you gave him for tutoring. Much appreciated Sean. Ali wanted to thank you for all your help, all the emails with work attached and all the support you continued to offer him even after tuition ended. And from me too Sean, many many thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.".....

- Faiza, Tottenham (older sister to Ali, a GCSE student for whom I provided 5 hours tutoring in October, 2013)

"I passed my test! Thank you so much for your help. Your lessons and advice were very useful. You are a great maths teacher, very patient, etc. My housemate will maybe need some help in maths from September or so to take a maths GCSE exam. I will give her your contact.".....

- Marion (adult learner), Wood Green, QTS Numeracy

"I passed the test! 

Thank you so much! Without your help and support I never would have been able to pass.

Every time I know of someone who needs maths help, I will always be more than happy to recommend him or her to you. You are a very good teacher and a great guy and in addition to your great knowledge of your subject, you have wonderful supportive and caring skills that help very much as well. I hope that more people find out about your services and that my story helps those people that have lost their hope as I did; people that, like me, think they are a disaster in numeracy. I hope they get confidence as I did. I am happy not only because I passed the test, but because I re-evaluated myself as no longer being a numerically illiterate person in life.".....

- Francesco (adult learner), Fulham, QTS Numeracy

"I passed! Thanks for all your help and patience.".....

- Essie (adult learner), Woolwich, QTS Numeracy

"We just wanted to say thank you for all your effort and the hard work that you invested in us. We are very grateful and we hope to make you proud.".....

- Ronke, Shade and Tayo (GCSE students from Stoke Newington)

"You are the best teacher ever. Thanks for getting me through!".....

- Maria, Tottenham, GCSE student

"I passed! I didn’t tell a single person I was doing my test and was so much more confident! Thanks so much for all your help and encouraging words. I couldn’t have done it without you!".....

- Jess (adult learner), Enfield, QTS Numeracy

"I PASSED!!!!!! I’m so happy. Thank you so much. You have been a massive life-saver. This week could have been a massive nightmare but with your incredible maths teaching skills and words of encouragement it’s not been too bad at all!!! I’ve come up with my own theory: Spontaneous idealism + analytical thinking = QTS dynamite!!!".....

- Ashley (adult learner), Tottenham, QTS numeracy student and spontaneous idealist as per the Myers-Briggs Personality Test  

"Hi Sean, hope you’re well. Just to let you know Jason passed his functional skills maths thanks to you. Really pleased. See you Sunday.".....

- Yolande, Muswell Hill (mother to Jason, GCSE student)

"Thanks for coming over yesterday. Louie thinks you’re great and finding your lessons really helpful. Would love to squeeze in another one next week as well as on the Sunday if that works for you?".....

- Jackie, Archway (mother to Louie. GCSE student)

"I met with Daniel’s teacher and she was very impressed with Daniel’s progress – we are grateful for your efforts. His grade was 4c which is well above the 3a which is the average for year 5. We will aim for Daniel to get grade 4a."

(And a few weeks later)

"Daniel did a maths test at school and scored 10/10. The teacher was surprised and made him repeat the test, changing the order of exercises. He again scored 10/10 and she gave him a merit.".....

- Leonora, Highbury (mother to Daniel, Key Stage 2 student)

"We are very happy we found you, Christian really enjoys his lessons with you.".....

- Polly, Crouch End (mother to Christian, GCSE student)

"Your time spent with Robert has been highly effective, so much so that Robert now feels he has the entire GCSE maths syllabus ‘sussed’. I have highly recommended you, as does Robert.".....

- Michelle, Crouch Hill (mother to Robert, GCSE student)

"Sean is extremely professional and knowledgeable in Maths. My son and I were always amazed by the interest he shows to teaching. I have not seen any situation he does not have proper answers whenever my son asked any questions regarding the subject. My son and I are really impressed by the depth of knowledge and dedication that he has.

Also Sean is very hard working and his enthusiasm towards teaching and goals helps any pupil to engage and love Maths. He's dynamic and enthusiastic to ensure that his students get quality tutoring with a bit of fun as well. Thus I can state with absolute certainty that Sean has what it takes to be an exceptional tutor and we couldn't be more grateful to him.

My son started with a grade C and was able to achieve an A in 4 months.

Sean also has got very good communication skills to explain the subject in a simple and systematic way, which will make any tutee comfortable and confident about the subject.

All in all, his simple and friendly tuition helped my son a lot to get up to the speed and excel in his studies. Greatly recommended.".....

(And a few months later)

"We had parents’ evening last week and we came out from our meeting with the maths teacher feeling really great. He’s predicted Antonio an A* for even end of this year, so that’s terrific. Thanks for the hard work and dedication Sean.".....

- Maria, Highbury (mother to Antonio, GCSE student)

"Sean is a superb maths tutor! Wouldn't have passed QTS Maths skills test without him! Thanks a million! Flexible, positive and extremely generous with his time!".....

- Wesley (adult learner), Southgate, QTS Numeracy

"Sean helped my daughter, Olivia, in her final year up to taking her GCSE maths exam. Like many parents, we were concerned that large classroom numbers were making it difficult for the staff to give as much attention to re-enforcing the basics of the subject instead of following Government issued guidelines.

Sean tutored my daughter weekly and helped via telephone and e-mail when a question arose throughout the week. Olivia felt more confident in her maths from day one as she knew she could contact Sean at any time for a clear and well explained answer.

Olivia gained an A in her GCSE and is now taking maths at A level.".....

- Elaine, Potters Bar (mother to Olivia, GCSE student)

"I wanted a professional maths tutor who would be able to teach me regardless of the huge knowledge gaps I have. I got that, and more! At school my lessons were over at the ring of a bell, with Sean its not over until I have grasped the subject. 2 lessons I had to mention hes overrun the lesson by 30 minutes! Did he expect compensation for extra time spent? No, he apologised. His teaching style offers many different methodical approaches for each subject.

Sean has helped me visualise mathematics in real terms as opposed to just numbers on paper. 1+1=2 and Cool + Intelligent = Sean.".....

- Zerbu (22 yr old student of biomechanics), South Tottenham, GCSE and functional skills

"Sean’s style of teaching is very emotive and forces you to take an interest in what you are learning. He never makes maths boring. He finds a way to make you as interested in maths as he is. When I started at a lower level, he never made me feel stupid or like I couldn’t do it. We worked at my own pace, and he acknowledged the progress I had made over time. But without making me feel that I was ever ‘failing’ or ‘below average’. He basically never made me feel terrible for making mistakes; he liked us to learn from the mistakes so he used them to work out where my strengths and weaknesses lied.".....

- Kelly (adult learner), Bounds Green, GCSE and QTS Numeracy

"Sean has been fantastic in helping me get to grips with the full range of topics on the maths side of the GMAT syllabus. His sessions are always well organised and he is brilliant at explaining things and assessing my strengths and weaknesses. With the areas I struggle on, he has been very effective in providing me with a bottom-up crash course in all the background theory involved, then working through plenty of examples and past test questions with me to prove I’ve fully grasped the subject matter and its applications. He also directs me to answer suitable practice questions between lessons so as to reinforce my learning.

Before Sean took me on for lessons I had been spending endless hours with my head buried in GMAT text books and I was struggling to make sense of it all. He has made topics I previously found difficult seem easy. I am now feeling very confident about sitting my GMAT exam which is all I could have asked for.".....

- Dr S. Kumar (adult learner), Tottenham, GMAT

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